Guest Post: The Awesomesauce Jordan Castillo Price


Jordan Castillo Price is one of the rarities in the genre.  Not only is she a fantastic writer with great plots that think outside the box, she is also just a gem to work with and allround pleasant human bean.

This week sees the release of her serial Turbulence in a one-stop-shop omnibus.  The ominous tale of a young co-pilot starting a new run that will take him through the Bermuda Triangle and into… another dimension? A pocket of time? Limbo?  You'll have to read to find out.

Click here for Jordan’s post

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Would you like a Petit Morts? Or seven?

The final batch of Petit Morts officially go on sale today. Seven fine stories with a slightly creepy edge just in time for Halloween!

Visit Jordan's store for details.

All of the Petit Morts authors will also be doing a chat at Joyfully Reviewed:

Join Jordan, Josh, Sean and Clare for a chat: about the series, about
their writing—about chocolate!—from Noon to 6 PM Eastern US, on October 26 at Chatting with Joyfully Reviewed. See you there!

Hope you can join us!

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Intermittent Entries into this World; or, Wow, you really suck at updates

This post is dedicated with much love to jenre, as I promised her I would get off my arse and finally write in my blog this weekend.

As usual, it has been a long time between entries. It’s been a rough past few months or so for me personally, and I am hoping that the new year will at least be a little less sucky than the last. I’m really taking this opportunity to thank anybody who has read me in the past year and let you know what may be coming up in 2011.

But first off, just let me have a belated squee about this article. As someone training to be a librarian himself, to have Tigers and Devils be considered by the Library Journal of America as an essential part of an m/m core collection – well, it’s just beyond words. And to be up there with my two fellow Petit Morts authors… that’s the cherry on top.

Speaking of Petit Morts, I will have two stories in the final batch. It is hoped that the final stories of Chance will be released mid-year. I actually only a few hours ago completed the first draft of one of the stories – it feels like a major accomplishment as it is the first thing I have finished since September of last year. For just a little sneak peek, the following photo gives a clue as to the setting:

This story is a little more dramatic than One Less Stiff at the Funeral, but the second in the next batch promises to be just as crazy.

I don’t have anything else ‘officially’ scheduled for the new year at the moment, but am working on a number of projects. One is a ‘road trip’ book set in Australia, and one is a romantic comedy still in the mulling-over process with fellow author M. Jules Aedin. And then there are one or two others that I’m keeping a secret for now, in case they don’t pan out.

So thanks for your patience, and I’ll sign off with my promise that once again I shall try to be better at keeping in touch. Um, I’d really appreciate it if you keep on believing me.

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Just in time for Halloween

The next batch of Petit Morts will be released on October 29th. Along with stories by the fabulous Jordan Castillo Price and Josh Lanyon, my novella “One Less Stiff at the Funeral” will be available.

OLSATF will find the enigmatic Chance setting up shop in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia. A little bit of a different haunt from where he has been before:

When he hung his brand new psychology degree on the wall, Jason Harvey had imagined working at one of the many hospitals or clinics in Melbourne. The want ads, however, hadn’t cooperated. Now Jason finds himself facing the newly bereaved across the counselor’s desk of the Newlin Funeral Parlour.

Certainly all people deserve sympathy and patience in their time of loss, but Jason’s current client has him at wit’s end. What’s worse, the deceased has included a bizarre request in her final wishes: that her passing be commemorated…with chocolate.

Things start looking up for Jason when amicable young Fred takes over the funeral coordination duties from his sour aunt, but despite their best efforts to honor the departed in the manner she’s requested, they find the memorial service sliding inexorably out of control…

On the day itself, I will have an excerpt up and will also be giving away some copies, so stay tuned!

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Cover Art!

Jordan has sent me the final artwork for my inclusion in the Petit Morts series, and to say I’m happy with it is an understatement as it’s exactly what I envisioned! The drink depicted is integral to the story, and I just love the chilli floating on top:

I am working on the final edit as we speak, and hopefully soon may have a release date to share!

I was also on Wave’s site recently talking about steampunk, and a little about how my love of it inspired Wings of Equity. You can read it here.

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How Sweet It Is

So I am making my way back onto the net. I think I needed social networking more than it needed me. The last month or two has been pretty rough, and sadly it will be for a while, but I’ve realised that I need to continue on as normally as ever. We all have tough periods, but that’s all we can do.

Anyway, onto better news. I can announce that a while back I was asked by Jordan Castillo Price to contribute a novella to the Petit Morts series that she has been writing with Josh Lanyon.

After I picked myself up off the floor – after all, this is JCP and JL we’re talking about here – I quickly agreed. But on one proviso, I didn’t want it announced until my story was completed and approved. Because it would have been rather embarrassing if after making a big squealy brouhaha that the story was terrible and rejected and I would have had to make a red-faced retraction at some later point.

In the end it’s all good, and my story will be #8 in the series – “One Less Stiff at the Funeral” sees Chance’s sweet treats (now, there’s some kind of euphemism) causing chaos at the service for an unloved family matriarch.

More details, and release dates, as they come to hand!

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