Good News, Everybody!

So I was a bit cryptic in my last entry, but now that the superstitious period is over I have two very good bits of news to share.


Although it's a tentative date at the moment Tigers and Devils will be re-released in August. I guess this can loosely be termed a 'writer's cut' as there are a few grammatical hitches and one annoying geographical blunder that are fixed, and a few new one liners spread amongst the text. Oh, and the ending has changed slightly. They all die. No, just kidding! The ending is a little different, but it is more a compression of time than anything. I don’t think I had enough faith in myself when first writing it and made it more rom-commy than I would have liked. So a few little events have been taken out. It’s the same book, so really there is no need to buy it again. It’s just I’m more at ease with it now.

But this leads into the bigger news. It’s all in preparation for the release (at this stage, hopefully October) of Tigerland. We come back into Simon and Declan’s lives roughly three years later; things are going well, but well, there’s always a hitch.

I plan to spill a few clues between now and then. I’m very excited. I know I always said I didn’t think there would be a sequel, and I really didn’t. But you just can’t shut Simon up.

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